Royal Tree Service guarantees all its work. If you are not satisfied in any way, we will carry out realistic remedial work without delay. We ask you to let us know about any problems within a couple of weeks, so that we can discuss and promptly schedule the work.


Royal Tree Service Inc. has public liability insurance of $2,000,000.

Details on the insurance policy are available on request.

Employees are covered by CSST.

Health and Safety

Tree surgery is a highly-skilled activity with significant attendant risks, and many parts of the work rely on the proper use of specialized safety equipment. The work can only be safely carried out by experienced staff working to strict guidelines and using the right equipment. Safety training is routinely undertaken by company staff. Equipment is modern, regularly examined and properly maintained.

Each job is specifically assessed for risk before being carried out and appropriate steps are taken to control the risk. Very occasionally, additional risks can only be detected once the work has started. An example of this would be a tree that is in a more dangerous state than anticipated, which may not be discovered until the climber is in the tree. All staff are trained to recognize changes to the risk profile and to take immediate steps to resolve the issue. Exceptionally, if a tree is too dangerous to continue the planned work, a stop will be called until alternative solutions are found. Royal Tree Service personnel will never jeopardize the safety of staff or other people, or property.

Where necessary, signs and cones will be used when work may affect public roads or sidewalks.

Appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is always worn by company staff.

  • Thank you for such a good job. The hedges were cut so evenly, I think it was the best job I've ever had. Very professional.

    Julie S
  • Thank you very much for the job. I spoke with your crew leader, he was very nice and great to deal with. Take cae and we will be in touch if need be. I will referee your company also.

    Paige O
  • Thank you so much. What's great job your guys did. They are to be complimented. Will definitely recommend you. Thanks again.

    Christine M
    West Island
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