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2023 season: We are already looking to fill several positions for 2023. With the opening of borders, we are expecting an increase in international travels for work, which may slow down the visa application process. If you are considering applying to one of our positions, apply early. Do not hesitate to contact us for details about eligibility and required steps.

*The processing time varies according to the visa required, but you should expect between two and five months. If you are considering applying to one of our positions, you should initiate your visa application process by early December: our season starts on April 1st. Please call our office to discuss eligibility and required steps.

**At Royal Tree Service, we can speak English. You are not required to speak French to be part of the team.

***If you live in Ontario or British-Columbia and care about professional and interesting arboriculture work, check out Montréal, where buying a house and raising a family are still affordable.

Royal Tree Service runs multiple crews on the West Island of Montréal. We are looking for skilled arborists to join our team. We provide high quality work in the area and are the best-structured arborist business in Montréal. Our full-time office staff makes sure that our employees’ concerns are managed promptly, our full-time production director makes sure that all jobs and logistics are managed fluidly, and our sales staff makes sure we always have quality work.

If you feel you can contribute to building a great work place, we look forward to hearing from you.

We hire both local and international arborists. We have assisted people in securing their foreign worker permits, have sponsored employees to get residency, and have employed arborists from a range of countries, including USA, UK, New Zealand, Estonia, France and Switzerland.

We seek skilled people with good, positive attitudes only.


Climbing Arborist

Join a diverse and dynamic team of climbers who love their jobs and love to climb. We have all the tools and toys to make removals easy. Several positions available, advanced and junior climbers considered.



A skilled groundsman is hard to find. If you think you have the skills and determination to become a master of ropes and rigging and can handle hard outdoor work, this may be the job for you.


 Hedge Trimmer

The hedge trimmer is a member of the hedge trimming and maintenance crew. If you are motivated and comfortable with heights, apply now!


Consulting Arborist

Consulting Arborists are a key part to our business. If you are personable and have good knowledge of tree work, apply now!


Aerial Lift or Bucket Truck Operator

The Aerial Lift or Bucket Truck Operator uses an 83-foot tracked aerial lift or a bucket truck to prune trees that are hard to access, or to remove dead or structurally weak trees.



  • When I moved to Montréal from Toronto, I wanted to make sure I had a job before I arrived. After finding RTS on an internet search, I sent Alex an email and my resume. He called me the very next day, the only company to even respond. He invited me out for a day of work and to meet the crew, he even offered to pay for my train ticket. The next two summers were a blast. Never have I worked for a tree company that was so flexible with time off. Alex truly believes in a work-life balance for his employees. I am still in contact with some of my former workmates and will never forget my two years in Montréal.

    Dave Trumble
    RTS Arborist, 2012-14
  • I have been working for Royal Tree Service since June 2014. It is my first job experience here in Québec and I am very glad it started with RTS. I have learned a lot about the tree care and their specifics during my work here and also thanks to the regular trainings we have. We are a young and enthusiastic team that makes me enjoy my work and give my best every day. In my free time I love mountain climbing, hiking and camping.

    Stanimir Vuy
    RTS Arborist, 2014-present
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